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Group walking over to Fortuna Bay in the mist!

Chili and I overlooking Stromness. A similar view to what Shackleton would...

The abondoned whaling station of Stromness


Whale chasing boat at Grytviken

Explanation about the James Craig next to the replica in the museum...

The replica!

Writing postcards to be sent from Grytviken to Australia


One of the Shackleton trekkers

The trekkers toasting Shackleton at his gravesite

Today we have walked from Fortuna Bay to Stromness following the last part of Shackleton's trek across South Georgia. It was only about 10 kilometres but quite steep, down scree slopes to the abandoned whaling village of Stromness. Shackleton stumbled down the hill and reported to the manager! Shackleton and his crew had visited South Georgia on their way south.

"Everyone knew Shackleton well and we very sorry he is lost in ice with all hands. We not know three terrible looking bearded men who walked into office off the mountainside. Manager say 'Who the hell are you?' and terrible bearded man in the centre of the three say very quietly 'My name is Shackleton' Me, I turn aside and weep. I think manager weep too." Norwegian whaler at Husvik, South Georgia 1916.

After walking across to Stromness, we went to Gytviken which has a museum, old whaling station and research station. and of course a post office......I mailed some post cards. From South Georgia they go by sea to the Falklands, then by air to Britain before finding their way to Oz!

Shackleton came back to South Georgia on January 4th, 1922 on another Antarctic expedition but suffered a heart attack the next day and is buried at Grytviken.

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