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The breakfast room at Tunin's B & B

The view from Tunin's looking down on Medjugorje

Tunin's B & B

Our bus - we got to know it well

We spent our night in Bosnia in Medjugorje - the third most visited pilgrimage site of the Catholic faith. Tunin's, our bed and breakfast, was a very comfortable, homey stop for the night. The bus ride up the hill to Tunin's was something else - narrow, winding streets you would not expect our bus to be able to negotiate, but the driver did an incredible job.

The Tunin family encouraged us to treat the place as our own. Many of the class went to the city for dinner, but it had been swarming with visitors as the bus made its way through on the way to our stop so several of us opted to stay at Tunin's and enjoy their homemade wine. It provided a pleasant, restful evening.

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