We all had a great Easter dinner together


Lots of great food


Salads and more

We all enjoyed the feast :-)

Benny & Jewels

Next was the fun part, the egg hunt :-)

Hunting for the prize egg

Jerry almost got one of the prize eggs, but was a bit...

They said we were all hot but it took a while to...

The kids



More :-)


The grown up hunters :-)

The winners! :-)

Happy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful dinner at McIntosh Lake Park. We made fudge and decorated it with marshmallow eggs, plus a chicken and broccoli casserole. We took them to the Easter dinner in the clubhouse. Everyone brought a few things and it added up to a huge feast. We had ham, roast, turkey, chicken and all the fixings. :-)

After the dinner, we had a grown up egg hunt. The kids in the park had several during the day. They passed Jerry's hat around for a collection of money for the prizes and collected $15.00. That went for the second prize. The first prize was a $20 bill... graciously donated by Benny & Jewels. All the grown-ups went out and had a great time finding the eggs. I am happy to report I found the second prize egg and received the $15. That made it even more fun. :-)

I am adding a lot of pictures to tell the rest of the story. We all had a great day and hope your day was filled with joy too. More later from Georgia.

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