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Easter Egg Hunt

Lauren's beautiful Cake, made by Gloria

Golf Cart Adventure

Steve does what he needs to do

Colby & his Dad with a baby chick

Today was different. I popped right out of bed a little after 6:00 AM. Marilyn & I sat together sipping our morning coffee, talking about a possible route to the RGV for next November.

Soon it was time for us to get busy. This was the day when Lauren was getting baptized, and that was something we looked forward to.

One of the reasons we enjoy going to Mass here in Hannibal is because we see so many people that we know. We exchanged hugs with quite a few friends today, before and after Mass.

The church was extremely crowded this morning, with standing room only, so the pew we all sat in was very tight. Counting the kids, there were 12 of us sitting in the pew during the service.

That was when Colby got sick and vomited all over his Mom.

Marilyn, seated next to Jennifer, began grabbing anything she could find to help. Steve was holding Lauren, so he was unable to help. I was seated next to the aisle so I was first out, followed by Marilyn and then Jennifer, holding Colby, who was still throwing up. People scattered to give us room to get outside.

We were greeted by rain as we exited the church!

We know this church quite well. Steve and Jennifer were married here.

I suggested that we go to the church basement, so we did. Jennifer was able to undress and clean herself while Marilyn & I cleaned Colby the best we could.

With things under control once again, I stayed outdoors with Colby while Jennifer and Marilyn went back inside in time for Communion.

Steve came out to take over with Colby and allowed me to go inside for Communion.

The Baptism went just fine after Mass, and we will have some pictures for you tomorrow.

Once the festivities were over, Marilyn & I headed back to the RV to change clothing, and get the food and gifts loaded, to take out to the farm. We were celebrating Easter and the Baptism with a huge dinner, Easter egg hunt for the kids, and Cake & Ice Cream.

We had a wonderful time with Steve’s parents, his sister and brother-in-law, and their children. Everyone had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a fine day, after a rather ominous beginning.

The meal was fabulous, too!

We were close to heading home for the evening, but Colby wanted to go look at Deer. Steve brought the golf cart around, and Jennifer, Marilyn and Lauren were on the rear seat, while Steve, Colby and I sat in front.

We drove across some fairly wet and soggy ground, and reached an area about a quarter mile or so from the house, before we saw a group of turkeys and two deer.

As we started back toward the house the golf cart suddenly lost power. Steve found that the battery cable on one of the batteries, was loose and arcing, so much that the cable connection finally came apart. It was so hot that some of the metal actually melted.

We took the seat off the front to access the batteries, and I stood and held the seat on a rack in front of the windshield, while Steve sat on the frame, holding the Hot-Wire against the battery terminal and driving.

We finally made it back to the house, thanks to the ingenuity of my Son-in-Law.

It was a fun adventure!

I had a nice visit with Steve’s Dad today, and enjoyed that very much.

Now we are back at the RV, listening to the rain on the roof.

It has been a good day with a variety of experiences.

It is things like that and days like this, which remind us that…… Life is Good!

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