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Arrive in Jinotega to a Holy Week Street Procession

Carrying Jesus in the Procession

Nighttime Procession 11:30 pm Below Our Window

Same Street Next Morning

Looking the Other Direction Out Our Window...Note Dry Hillsides

Bus to Jinotega??? Well, we wait in bus terminal from 8 to 10 and finally, the bus station manager got hold of a van willing to cart 10 of us up the mtns for twice the normal rate ie. 50C ea ($2.50 US). Arrived at 11:30am to see a Semana Santa procession in the sreet.

City not what we expected...surrounded by mtns but valley is dry. Since it is Good

Friday, mass was just getting out, tons of people on streets. We walked 10 blocks to Hotel Basawas, a simple room, 2 beds & shared bath, 200C ($10 US) but it looks like we are the only ones staying here! By the time we got out to walk the town most everything closed. Bought some street food (chicken, enchillada, some cabbage "salad"...then ice cream - Eskimo is the brand here. I finally got my haircut just by chance since door to her shop was also one to their home, hollered in and asked, "Si"...$2 US later (gave her 50 cent tip, big spender here) I am a new person! Couldn't find the revolutionary murals of FSLN LP talks about.

About 11 pm on street below our window another Semana Santa procession passed by (see pics). Quite impressive!

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