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I must confess that it was a gigantic struggle to go from horizontal to vertical this morning. Standing up took a supreme effort! LOL

I finally made it and went down to the living room to wait for our morning coffee.

Later, I was showered and dressed for a day of guiding tours in the cave.

I walked to the gift shop and ended up leading three tours today.

The groups were very good, the children were well behaved and I turned down a $10.00 tip. The guy, from Wisconsin, and his family really enjoyed the tour, and I knew they had paid quite a bit for the five people to tour the cave, so I thanked him for the kind words, shook hands, and went back to the lounge.

Oh, I have to tell Cathy that I had three requests for bumper stickers today. With the one I gave to Patty here at the cave, that makes four. Jeff is putting one on his jeep and I will be posting a picture of it for you. I took a picture of the bumper stickers sitting on our table this morning, so you dear readers can see what they look like.

Jesse & Ginger, and Dan & Pat, I will save one for each of you guys. What friends!

This reminds me of the old cartoon, “Kilroy was Here!” LOL

Several of the new guides were checked out today and that will mean a bit less pressure on me to be present every day. In fact I am only scheduled to guide on one day next week.

I still need to get our taxes done and take some gifts out to John and Julie at the Garth Mansion.

It is pretty amazing to me, when I realize that we have been back here for one week and I have only been out of the campground long enough to get a haircut.

Marilyn did some shopping at WalMart today. She described the experience as something like a “Keystone Kops” sort of thing.

I’m glad she went there while I was giving tours!

Marilyn fixed a bunch of food today, including a turkey breast for our dinner tonight.

She also discovered a place where our carpet is wet. I will have more inspecting and sealing to do on Monday or Tuesday.

So, another wonderful day draws softly to a close.

Man, Life is Good!

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