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Four hours of driving remain between us and our final destination today.

Friday, we rolled on through the rolling green horse farms of western Kentucky, the foothills of West Virginia, the low mountains of eastern Virginia that might have reminded us of the mountains of Korea if that hadn't crowded around us so, leaving no space for the wide flat expanses of rice paddies customary among the green, wooded mountains in the Land of the Morning Calm. As we pulled into Lexington, Virginia, the sun hung low over the mountains in the west, skirted by few thick smudges of purple clouds, casting a dusty warm glow across the sky above and land below. The white blossoms of the pear trees, plentiful and just now in full bloom here, looked pink in the glory of dusk.

I must take a moment here to do something I really try not to do too much, knowing that all parents think their kids are amazing - I'm going to brag: Gideon is an amazing little traveller and we're so proud of the way he has handled the constant upheaval of his little life these past two weeks.

He clamors into his seat in the truck long before we've finished loading it up. He watches the scenery pass by once we get going, sometimes eagerly relating what he sees, but others just letting it roll by in silence. He's able to pretend play, even confined to his car seat with just a couple of toys to play with. He awakes happily every morning, even if he went to bed much later than usual and, of course, wakes up at his regular wake up time. He behaves well in restaurants, generally sitting in his seat, ordering his own drink politely, responding with a "thank you" when his food is delivered, and eating enthusiastically and heartily, usually with little objections.

Of course, he is three, so he has his moments of arguing about nothing, protesting everything, and whining to be let out of his seat, but that is usually only in the truck, about ten minutes before he falls asleep for one of his 2-3 times a day, 30-minute car nap, or after we've already been in the car about three hours and all need a break anyway. He's been a real trooper through the absence of his regular routine, reliable nap and bed times, and his treasured train tracks and we are just so dadgum proud to be his parents.

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