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I looked forward to guiding in the cave again, so I accompanied Joe giving a tour yesterday. Today I was on my own.

After our morning coffee I dressed in my “Cave Clothing”, ate some toast, went for an early morning walk with Marilyn, and then walked to the gift shop to start the day as a guide.

By the time the day was over about 5:00 PM, I had given five tours to folks from different parts of the country. I guess the farthest distance people had traveled to take a tour was from Salt Lake City, UT.

One tour was notable because a young boy on the tour with his parents, was not wanting to go beyond the entrance to the cave.

I talked to him and convinced him to stay with me and by the time the tour was over, he was having a fine time. He even enjoyed seeing the bats!

Linda brought Subway sandwiches for everyone today and that was much appreciated.

Jennifer, Colby and Lauren were at the RV today but I missed them as I was in the cave when they came to the gift shop to see me.

The outdoor temperature reached 88 today but I didn’t even know that until I walked home at 5:00 PM. I was basking in the constant 52 degree temperature inside the cave today. The jacket I was wearing felt really good!

After five tours today, I had better take some ibuprofen tonight because I’ll bet that my legs and feet will hurt all night long.

Once I was home tonight, I had to climb up on the roof to attach the digital antenna. Now our TV reception is very good.

Finally we are all settled down and ready to relax. I hurt!

Remember dear readers……..Life is Good!

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