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Moonrise over Marmaris

Farewell to Turkey

Ferry to Rhodes

I never sausage a place.

Low tourist season in Marmaris

Rocky outcropping in Marmaris

One of the 12 island day-cruise boats

Turtle soup

#2 Fat Cat in Europe

Yes it is alive

Wisteria in bloom

Well Folks

Here I sit on the ferry to Rhodes thinking what it was about Turkey that was so charming. I think it was that it reminds us (if you’re in your fifties) of the life we had back then. Families are everything. The evenings are spent out walking and having tea (cay) on the waterside. Men greet each other with handshakes and kisses.

Each city we visited had there own flavor with our favorite being Antalya. The costs here are very reasonable and I can see us returning to spend more time here. It is very safe.

The roads are very good and most travel is on buses that connect all the cities. Again very reasonable.

Best city: Istanbul

Best food: tie Café 36 Anatalya ,and fish and bread on the water-Fethiye

Best Weather: Antalya

Best sites: Goreme Carved cities of stone.

Some observations

All the women and girls have long hair.

Muslims and others live harmoniously (98%muslim) (prostitution is legal here) go figure!

Cats and dogs run at large and live together in harmony.

Turkish people are very hospitable and go out of their way to welcome you.

Europe’s 2nd largest cat lives in Marmaris at our Pensiyon .

I will miss the call to prayer 5 times a day (but not the one at 4:30 in the morning!).

All cities ,towns, villages, farming communities have a mosque.

What I won’t miss is having to pay for the use of the toilet anywhere from 50 to 1 Lira

This has been a pleasant surprise and both Marc and myself are agreed we will return ..

Bye for now Nickie

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