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Up at 4:45am & 1st bus lvg 5:30am to San Miguel, 2nd bus to Santa Rosa de Lima, 3rd to San Carlos & border, 4th bus across to Honduras, Choluteca, 5th to San Marcos de Colon, then short colectivo to El Espino, and last bus to Somoto arr +/- 4pm. Of course, I fell for the taxi scam at the border even after Bon told me it was only 50m. Two guys hustled us into a tuk tuk saying it was 2 km...NOT! Cost me $2 US! At the Nicaragua border I refused to listen to taxi guys saying next bus in 1 hour+ and taxi only $5 US! It came w/in 15 min. & cost us 80 cents to Somoto! Live and learn again and again...wish I could somehow not have to learn again!

Walked to Pan American Hotel on the central plaza where rooms now are $15 US not the $10 as LP says (these are very basic, 2 beds & fan, shared bath and not really clean). Food options are very limited as well...ended up at a small Mex place, 3 tacos or 2 burritos for $2.50 US-drinks extra-not very good either.

Opted not to do the Canyon hike (only reason to come here really). At 6 hours and $20 US a pop, not in our budget or timeframe.

While Bon is on internet there was a constant stream of people (adults and teens) "buying" time for their cell phones-$1 US increments some just 50 cents. They give their # to the fellow running the internet site and he uses his phone to credit theirs. I guess being a business, the phone companies can bill him and more a chance of being paid for sure, especially in such small increments. No phone cards here. Turns out during Easter week the coompanies offer a 1/2 price deal...instead of 10C (50 cents US) for one hour usage its just 5C!

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