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If only we had pedometers! We thoroughly enjoyed walking around this ancient, glorious and romantic town. We saw the waterfront area with it's outdoor seating restaurants and very large boats then walked uphill to the small streets inland where there are quaint little shops, restaurants, places of lodging and residence. The streets look like stone walkways. We couldn't quite get used to the fact that we needed to move for motorized vehicles. We spent the morning strolling the town. After a nice lunch of calamari and chicken in wine sauce, we decided to go part way up the 900 steps to the Palamidi Fortress since the Fortress was closed for the day. The view from 1/3 of the way up was absolutely breathtaking. We were also amazed at the flowers growing out of the rocky land. A short nap was in order after all the walking and getting used to the new time. For dinner we shared a pizza at one of the restaurants on the square. We choose to sit outside so we could watch the kids playing soccer or just having fun on the marble flooring of the town square. It is amazing the way marble is used here - for roads and sidewalks! We wandered after dinner, checking out upper Nafplion. This town is literally built into a hill. Our pension is about half way up which is ideal. We kept climbing stairs and walking uphill on sidewalks when all of a sudden we found ourselves at the base of the Acronafplia, the fortress walls of the acropolis of Nafplion. Last night as we drove in we saw this brilliantly lit area in the distance - the Acronafplia. As with the Palamidi Fortress the view below was beautiful. It is very hard to imagine how these walls were built all those centuries ago. We chose a set of steps to start our descent and when we reached the bottom we were right by our place. This has truly been a glorious day.

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