Jim and Karen's trip to Greece travel blog

On our way

Jim relaxing in the very modern Amsterdam airport

Greece from the air

A beautiful Greece sunset

Our flight from Toledo to Detroit was on time and very smooth. We had a relaxing 3 hours in the Detroit airport. Our flight to Amsterdam also left on time, in fact we landed in Amsterdam 30 minutes early. The Amsterdam airport is quite nice. We got through customs without a hitch and then we browsed for about 2 hours. The open areas of the airport look like a mini IKEA! The furnishings are very similar. Our flight to Athens was about 30 minutes late, which meant we missed the van to take us to the car rental place so we waited another 45 minutes - not fun. Renting the car went smoothly, and we were soon on our way at 5:00 Athens time. Our bodies were working hard to decide what time it was and what meal to eat since we had breakfast at 10:00 p.m. Ohio time or 4:00 a.m. and lunch at 4:30 a.m. Ohio time or 10:30 a.m Amsterdam time. It had, though, been many hours since we had eaten a meal so we stopped at a turnpike type restaurant for sandwiches. Most of the trip was on a major highway but then we got off to go to Nafplion. Thank goodness there were signs telling us when to turn and which way because suddenly the roads looked like we were off-roading in our mini car. By the time we arrived in Nafplion it was dark and we had already been warned that the pension was not easy to find. How true. Jim drove on very narrow and crowded streets for over an hour with no luck. Finally we parked the car and walked. After asking several people we finally found it. The proprietor was so glad to see us. She was afraid something had happened. She is just a warm and welcoming person. Our room is small but has the charm of the area. We couldn't get on the internet because we didn't have the code and we couldn't get our prepaid cell to work. Needless to say after 30+ hours of no (or little) sleep we just went to bed to face the glitches in the morning.

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