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We were so lost. I so do not speak Czech

Kutna Hora - St. Barbara Church

Kutna Hora - Bone church

Kutna Hora - Bone church

Kutna Hora - Bone church 2nd row 3rd from the left looks...

On Tuesday I visited Kuttenberg (Kutna Hora). It was an hour bus trip from Prague. Kutna Hora was a huge silver mining town. The It was the largest mining town in Europe, and had an enormous cathedral to prove it. They actually minted most of Europe's coins from those mines back in the 13th century.

One highlight was the... (creepy music)...THE BONE CHURCH!... With the overcrowding of the church cemetery in the 17th century, they decided to exhume the older bodies and make way for the new ones. The bones of 40,000 people are now decorating the walls and ceilings of the church.

And of course, I missed the last bus back to Prague. I was busy eating and drinking. I was given incorrect information about the bus schedule, but I still should have double checked it. I managed to find a bus that took the side roads all the way back. It was a good sightseeing tour. A TWO hour tour.

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