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Sing. Sling at Long Bar, Raffles

Raffles Hotel

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Arrived into Singapore very late and went straight to our hotel. Checked into our room, then, a freak accident happened.

Our bathroom was enclosed in glass. When Christy slid the glass door shut,it fell and shattered. Luckily it was tempered glass, but still, broken glass pieces rained down on her, followed by the track that had held up the door. No major injuries occurred, but plenty of small cuts, a painful bump on the head and a deepish cut on her toe resulted. Because the injuries were minor and Christy's tetnus shots are updated, we decided to put our medical kit to good use and simply bandaged up the cuts ourselves rather than hassle with an ER visit.

When we reported the accident to the reception, they came up immediately and changed us to a different room. The managers were very concerned, so many phone calls and checks on our well-being followed - including bringing us fresh fruit trays to cheer us up (not that we needed it). In fact, our entire 4-day stay was comped by the hotel. Crazy, but all is fine.

We really enjoyed Singapore. The country gets a bad rap for being so controlling, sterile and contrived, but after visiting so many countries in Asia, we saw it differently. The rules help bring together a multi-cultural, multi-racial society and one result of all of these regulations is a very clean and livable city. Otherwise, we have no doubt, the streets would be sullied with spit, litter and other stuff that's tolerated (and even encouraged) in other places.

We didn't find this place sterile or stifling. The food is fantastic, the people friendly (and why not, they enjoy one of the highest standards of living anywhere), and there is clearly religious freedom (though no tolerance for fanatics, which is fine in my book) and greater equality for women and girls than in most other countries.

While here, we ate as much street food as possible, drank the obligatory Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel, walked around the colonial district and shopping malls, and visited the Asian Civilization Museum (which did a great job explaining the country's multi-cultural heritage). It's a nice place to visit, but I can't imagine living here. Partially because of a year-round hot & sticky climate, but mostly because it is so small (4.6 million people on a tiny island).

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