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aerial view of ice-flow, into the Arctic Circle

View from plane

During the blizzard: view from window

After the blizzard: view from (the same) window


Johnny and to hockey, Repulse Bay

The Cirque d' Arctic

Yeah, so Shaun was keen to go up to Repulse Bay when he heard they were short a nurse. It's only for a week, and he can now say he has been within the Arctic Circle. On his first day he saw 3 polar bears!!!

Here's an email he sent yesterday:

Yeap, up here in the Artic Circle, -45 w the wind shield factored, snow limiting visibility.....I am going for a walk :)

The Co-op is the closest store in Repulse Bay, with a population of 900 people. The cool stat is there are three "machines" (snow mobiles) to every truck (no cars). I will attempt a picture, when the storm passes to illustrate the neat factor.

Just thought I would pass on a quick up date :)


p.s- Liz is alive and loving Rankin Inlet, we are appart for 7 days then I will be returning to Rankin :)

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