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Pergamum: Goddess Kendalia

Pergamum: Goddess Kimberlia

Pergamum: Caymius gos for a stroll

Pergamum: Acropolis with large amphitheater

Troy: Jason and kids in replica Trojan horse

Troy: Site of the Temple of Apollo

Pergamum (now called Bargama) was a stronghold of Alexander. The medical center there, which focused on dream therapy and mud massage, was quite the place to be back in the day. They even had a large Greek amphitheatre for the patient's evening entertainment and hot tubs.

Troy--did it really happen as Homer wrote in the Iliad? We vote yes. NINE cities built on top of and expanded over one another are a clear indication of the importance of this place. Troy stands near the entry to the Dardanelles Straits which lead from the Mediterranean Sea up the Aegean, eventually to the Black Sea. Back in THE Day it was on the coast. Prime real estate. Still worth fighting for today (hence Gallipoli). Helen was just the excuse. How many people have died fighting for control of this land?

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