Why we need a wet suit to keep us warm in warm...


Guess who is faking the enthusiasm?

Air drying in the back of a truck.

Science questions need correct answers before the launch.

Simon is our fish eater.

Jelly fish sightings continue.


Stopped in at Dive Shop to discuss taking "Discover Diving" course. Boys are old enough, and very excited. Turned out that that same afternoon was best time for the shop to do the skills training part (in a swimming pool). So we return in the afternoon and Kraus takes us through the info. Doesn't seem too hard.

Get to drive to the pool in the back of an open Half Ton, awesome.

Instructors takes us step by step through the safety and how-to parts. Good instructor in that he takes baby-steps and boys have no trouble following. Lydia, on the other hand, is feeling a wee bit panicky but hides it from the boys. For Lydia, down hill skiing was always about a 7 out of 10 on the fear side. In the pool, she felt not scared but thinking "why am I doing this" and "I want to get out of the pool" and "this is not fun at all". But the instructor either ignored any indication of distress or didn't notice, or maybe gets lots of people who feel the same. After about half-an-hour, it started to become easier. And I got through the whole process and felt okay about it. The boys were estatic, and can't wait to go out into the sea. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Lydia can get an okey-dokey from a doctor check on her past breathing problems. Other than that, just hanging out at the beach, pool, getting science lessons at avery oppertunity, eating in fine restaurants and thinking of our loved ones back home. Yes, we are still having fun but we are not forgetting about you.


We finally get down to the beach for an evening. First thing we do is to light a lantern and launch it into the night sky, each with our own thoughts. Science geek comment: hot air doesn't rise, hot air expands, pushing air out the bottom, so the air left is now less dense and therefore lighter than the surrounding air, so it goes up.

Simon enjoys a barbecue fish supper. The fish was supposed to be big enough for three to share, but Simon only nibbled on the noodles and salad Bob and I ordered, so he could claim the lion's share of the fish. It was a truly tasty treat. Ben took the opportunity to order his favourite: pasta carbonara. Just as Bob goes from restaurant to restaurant sampling the green curry, Ben tries out pasta in white cream sauce and bacon as prepared around the world.

Evening ends with a walk on the beach. Walk ends when we spot a giant jellyfish that has washed up on the shore. Simon no longer finds it fun to walk in the waves, so we must go home.

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