I understood that a great anii-war meeting/gathering would be taking place in D.C. on Saturday. For some reason it did not take place, most likely for lack of interest or concern. I do not understand what the world believes in anymore...I guess it is materialistic commercialism and the continued expansion of the power of corporations over people and events. As long as there is a profit to be had and the people who suffer are powerless, then the governments and corporations of the world will be there!

I see this as not JUST another Viet Nam, it is the defeat of human endevours to live together and forge a future which will be inclusive instead of exclusive. This is the Second Crusade which will only end in disharmony among people and continued division between ethnic groups to siphon away what little power the people have to oppose the corporations and governments that profess to be providing them a living and protecting their lives! The vast majority are in chains and do not even know it or if they do they cannot break them for want of the tools to rise up and be counted. The slaves are no longer easily seen, they are hidden and kept blinded by their masters by fear!

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