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Rockport Pier

Stella Maris- Oue Lady Star of the Sea

Lamar Cemetary

The Big Tree

Over 35 feet around


Over 1000 years old

Whooping Cranes way off in the distance


More Whoopers


Fishing for the day

Lunch/Sup Spot of the Day


The Mansion

Our new sign

It was another beautiful day today in Rockport, TX… The temps were in the 70’s and partly cloudy… That also means partly sunny so we headed for the sunny parts….

Our first place to visit this morning was the Visitors Center at Rockport Pier… Good choice.. It turned out that there were lots of things going on in that area today. Right next to the pier is the Rockport Park.. Today there was a Market going on and you know how we like that.. It consisted of many booths of homemade items that were in very good taste… Lots of jewelry, wood carvings etc and a few stands of fruits and vegetables. I was able to buy some good looking tomatoes and some awesome tangelo’s.. I say awesome cuz I ate some before we ever left the park… We also found a wooden sign to hang on our 5th wheel that we have been looking for a long time… We had a similar one several years ago but it had a motorhome on it instead of a 5’er.. We put in our order to personalize it and by the time we had walked around to all the booths it was ready for pick-up.. They did a beautiful job and we are very happy with it… If anyone wants to know how to get one, let me know and I will give you their website.

Another thing that was going on in the park was a car show… We put our foot down (or is it feet) and said that as much as we love old cars, we can not buy one and we do not want to spend all our time looking at them so instead we went to Goose Island. To get there we crossed the LBJ Causeway with Copano Bay and fishing pier on our left and Aransas Bay on the right… The Copano fishing pier is one of the longest piers in the world.. Or so our brochures tell us.

On the other side of the causeway, we found directions to the Lamar Cemetery.. Here we found burials from the Confederate Army and some from the 1700’s… Just opposite of the cemetery was the Stella Maris Chapel , the first recorded church in Aransas County and is reported to be the oldest building still existing here. The signs showed that there would be services here at 5:00 tonight but we could not get onto the chapel today… Beautiful place….

Next we headed down toward Goose Island State Park where we were to find one of the most famous trees in the world…. It is simply called the “Big Tree”. The giant Live Oak is a chapter member of the Live Oak Society of America and has been one of the subjects for Ripley’s ” Believe it or not”. It is measured mort than 35 feet in circumference , 44 feet high and has a crown spread of 89 feet… A couple of things we noticed were the supporting poles and cables to hold the weight during the strong winds that are normal here, and that it would cost a bundle to tie a yellow ribbon round this “OLD Oak Tree”; but what a beautiful thing to see if we did.

Goose Island is an area that the rare and endangered whopping cranes return to each winter… When we spotted some way off in the distance we needed binoculars to know that they were indeed the Whooping Cranes.. I never thought that my camera would reach them but I was able to get some snaps that aren’t bad considering the distance.. We will be sure to go back again and try to see the “Whoopers” close up.

On our return to Rockport, we stopped along the bay for a later lunch, the beautiful Fulton Mansion and H.E.B. for some groceries… We were very tired when we got home and a nap was in order.. Boy did that ever feel good… I’ll be raring to go all night now….. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings….

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