Karen's Tasmania and Hawaii Adventures 2005 travel blog

Ohia in Waimea

Waimea Canyon

Kalalau Lookout

From the Pikea Trail

Edge of the Trail

Expansive View of the Valley

Oh, Beautiful Day!

Moa (Chicken) at Kokee Lodge

Boardwalk Steps on the Alakai Trail

Alakai Trail

Ohia on the Trail

Alakai Swamp Expanse

Alakai Swamp Expanse II

Unbelievably Clear Valley

From the Right

And Another ...

Nene Sign

Ohia Tree on Pikea Trail

Beautiful, clear day. Drove to the Waimea Canyon, Kokee Park area. Stopped at Ishihara's in Waimea Town for a spam musabi. Hiked the Pikea Trail to the Alakai Swamp Trail. Very muddy and steep - a real mess. Alakai Swamp is the highest - altitude wise - swamp in the world and is a unique haven for rare birds and plants. Only in the past 10 years has it become accessible with boardwalks making the hike a possibility. Actually the boardwalks were installed to protect the environment.

The Pikea Trail offers some great views of the Kalalau Valley area and lookout. Rarely are both cliffs completely clear of clouds. Got some really nice photos of the area.

After the 7 mile hike, stopped off at the Kauai Brewery and enjoyed some brew and poki. The brewery is on an old restored plantation with rental cottages. Wonderful to see that some of the old plantation camps are being restored rather than torn down.

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