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Last time in No2 tent at Rio Verde, Banos

We left Huanchaco and headed up the coast to Sipan where we visited some tombs. There was apparantly a very good museum all about it but I couldnt be bothered to go in so I missed out on seeing all the gold that they took out of said tombs. I think I was all a bit ruined out at this point!! Plus it was vert hot and sweaty and an ice cream on the grass seemed a much better option at the time! Anyway, we bushcamped at the tombs and Lucy got scared by a snake in the toilet block. God help us in the Amazon!! Next day we drove to a small beach resort called Punta Sol. Stayed there for 2 days, lazed around in hammocks and generally did sod all for a day!! Very nice too. We left at 5am yesterday for the 15 hour drive up to Banos, in Ecuador so said goodbye to Peru! Ecuador seems much cleaner than Peru even though we have only seen a bit of it. We got to Banos at about 7pm. We're staying in a lovely place owned by a swiss couple, its about 20km outside of town. This morning, me and Hannah did a 3 hr horse ride through the hills and town which was excellent. Bad news is my camera has died (sorry, Mr Moons camera) i think due to sand in it so I am cameraless for the rest of my trip but i shall hopefully get a copy of someones for the amazon trip which we are doing in a couple of days time. Adios for now !

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