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Collective GPS tracking


Stone cabin remains

Boat racing table still working

Table is now ready

Fire magician at work

Customary resident

No mortar holds these stones


Dawgs a cookin

An unfinished cabin corner?

Ready for a walk


Surrounding terrain




More evidence of what we don't know

Peering into one of many old mine shafts

Water at the bottom


So many holes in the ground






Were these signs supposed to mean something to us?

Looking down on the mine furnace

Notice furnace & chimney are separated




Twelve spirited seniors loaded into the cramped quarters of three four wheel drive "buggies" for a +/-90 mile round trip. Photographing the most perilous and fun sections of the ride is not safe! Just ask Lynn and Ashlin about the recent DVD! With seat belts cutting into your necks and hip bones(only applies to those with inadequate adipose coverage)and abruptly holding you back in a stop/jerk motion, we(I) laughed hysterically as we precariously crossed washes and steep rocky embankments. Corky and I can hardly wait to have a turn with our recently purchased(thank you, Wilson) Tracker!

The destination was Cinnabar Mine. As with many of these remaining sites, evidences of hard physical labor, unfavorable work conditions, extreme heat, little water, and NO health insurance(ha) men and women worked very hard to have little by today's standards. While we are enjoying an enviable lifestyle, we do thank the good Lord above for our conveniences!! The retired life has, also, permitted us to absorb more interesting info. Production at this mine converted mercury into liquid metal known as "quicksilver". The quantitative measurement is a flask. One flask equals 76.5 pounds. This was accomplished by crushing cinnabar; roasting it in a rotary furnace; collecting the mercury vapor into the iron flasks. Oh, so simplistic by my way of relaying the info! Deposits of cinnabar occur where there was previous volcanic activity and hot alkaline springs. Let me know if you enjoy the extra tidbits of info. You never know when you can use it.

By the time we returned home, the general consensus among the group was "hot, tired, dusty". But wait...there's a cold beer and pizza at Silly Al's. But wait...there's a margarita party at Montana Dale's. OK, let's go. It's that time of year. Most of us will be moving on before the shake and bake temps reach 100+ scorching desert degrees. I didn't know I could consume that many bottles of water in one day! Bottled water is top priority on the grocery list. Safe travels to the Colorado sisters and their husbands! Can you believe their 90 year old Mom comes for a portion of the season?

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