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Our forth day at sea. Not much happening. Some of the fanatics are on deck looking for sea birds. Most of us are inside reading.

At 11:30 Vyvyen Brendon, Piers’ wife, gave a talk titled “Children at Sea.” I believe that is the name of a book that she has published. She talked about the tendency of the British expatriates to send their children back to Britain for schooling. Few travelled with parents. Most were sent with a relative or a servant. We speculated about the traumatic effect all this might have had on the children’s psyche.

After lunch John read us a short story. It was “The Most Handsome Drowned Man in the World” by Gabrieil Marquez. He happens to be one of Evelyn’s favorite authors. I found it hard to take any meaning away from the tale.

Before dinner Rick Hauck gave us a slide show called “Earth from Space.” Some were photos that he took himself and the rest were from the Internet. There were photos of the shuttle and photos of the earth surface. There were lots of clouds in some of the earthy pictures. He showed photos of a lot of the places we have visited. He showed photos of a lot of big cities and had us try to identify their location. Ones like San Diego and San Francisco were easy. I was completely stumped by New York City because it was magnified too much.

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