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I guess either you’re into caves or you’re not.

Cat is not....

The locals here on Koh Lanta Yai call a series of caves high n the lush hills Mae Kaeo .

We decided as a group to venture up into the hills and explore the caves.

So we hired a very odd driver to take us to the base camp where we met "Chumpon" and "Jambo" two massive Asian elephants that we're waiting to take us high into the jungle.

As we were told both our elephants previously worked as loggers in the North towards Burma{Myanmar}but after that industry died they roamed the streets of Bangkok as a sad side show.

Thankfully this was banned and the two of them ended here in the south serving as trekkers to the caves and waterfalls of the area.

The ride up was at first a little nerve racking, but as we got used to the swaying and flying spit we really loved sitting high on top and plodding through the jungle.

We arrived at yet another rendezvous point and met Mae, our cave dwelling ,subterranean guide to help navigate a small portion of the underground maze.

So one last discussion with Cat regarding what we were about to do and away we went.

First a ten minute ascent over large rocks and the occasional bamboo ladder and then we came to the entrance.

Should have seen the signs I guess, but Cat checked her decision, and told us to go for it!

As we wriggled our way down into the darkness, the first few moments presented a spider challenge.

Not just any spider but the ugliest electric eyed black something of a spider that sat waiting right next to a ladder we had to slowly crawl down.

As we past that first obstacle thing slowly deteriorated.

The deeper we entered the cave the darker and narrower things became.

The walls were pictured with fossils, paintings and stalactites which hung above in an eerie prehistoric like way.

Our head lamps were enough to see about 5ft in front but if not for them the place would be void of all light whatsoever.

Mae our guide knows every twist, turn and tunnel in there as he apparently spent a whopping ten days alone deep inside.

We definitely felt safe with him leading the way, but Cat, Morgan and Michelle were starting to panic slightly.

We did come across a group of 4 Swedes and a guide heading the opposite direction, and I think this was a pivotal moment for Cat.

She definitely wanted out but was still managing to keep it together.

But then it happened.

The walls for sure closed in on her and the girls, and we were forced to turn and head back.

The air I will admit seemed to be lacking a taste of pure oxygen, and we did have to do the military crawl on occasion, but half the group wanted to push on, and the other had made it clear, this was the end of the line.

Since Mae really was our only hope of finding a way out the choice was simple.

We did however manage to explore for almost an hour, and we made it much deeper than I had expected.

So after another hike to meet "Chumpon" and "Jambo" we were back plodding our way down the mountain with fresh air all around us.

Like I said, caves definitely aren't for everyone.

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