thru the quarter (.25cents) turnstile into Mexico

bridge over the Rio Grande going to Mexico

if you drive you go thru these inspection station on the Mexico...

half way over the bridge is this plaque.

On the Mexico side is this monument

just to prove we were there

Our dentists sign over the sidewalk.

Only the best dentist DON"T have hawkers on the sidewalk to bring...

Dentist welcome and appt desk.

main street Progreso

main street Progreso

main street Progreso

main street Progreso

main street Progreso

a pharmacy, you can get most any medicine you need here, like...

street artist . . .

painting a scene . .

on a satelite dish . . .

using only sspray cans . .

sticks, plastic bags and . .

ingenuity ! ! !

street vendor

street vendor

street vendor

street vendor

cd's, dvd's are 6 for $20 ! ! !

patio fireplaces. . .

Dave bought a wallet engraved by Elias.

military presence just inside town

drug lords lookout ! ! ! these guys mean business . .

at the end of the day it's back to the U.S.

we walk back over the . . .

to the U.S., don't know who that guy is

As we’re getting ready to leave the Harlingen, Texas area we wanted to report to our readers how the dental work went. First we feel like we need to tell you about how to cross the border into Mexico, what to expect and how to get back to the U.S.

When we got to the area we inquired about border crossings, of which there are about 6 within a 25 mile stretch. We were promptly told the “safest” crossing and town to go to is Progreso. We also got two recommendations for dentists. We soon discovered how easy and friendly it was crossing the border. We park on the U.S. side, walk to a turnstile placing a quarter in, walk thru, go across the bridge, you’re in Mexico! Shop, eat, have fun, get dental work, go back across the bridge, another quarter turnstile, get your passport scanned by U.S. Customs, next pay a tax for any alcohol, then to the truck and head home. Just that easy! Enjoy the pictures!

After three weekly visits to the dentist, Dr. Luis Ochoa-Hernandez, our old amalgam fillings are gone and filled the highest quality porcelain available. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work in both function and appearance. We both checked each others work, we quickly found it was difficult to see any difference in color between our teeth and the new fillings. Very nice. What you don’t get are fancy million dollar offices and over flowing number of staff or papers to fill out. Sparse and efficient is what you get in Mexico for dental offices. At no time did we think we were getting s sub-par dental product. Once in Mexico, the visitor quickly sees the military presence, it is the deterrent that make Progreso the safest little town. We had no problem at any time during our four visits.

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