Brinleys Hit Nicaragua 2010 travel blog

today we went to Mombacho Volcano.We went on a one hour and fourty-five minute walk.we got drived up the volcano ,it was really steep.After the hike we went to the zip lining down the hill a little.First we got our harness on and got in the back,of a truck to go a little.Then we got out and practiced on a little little on, they showed us how to do it like to , slow down and to get on the rope.after that we went to the higher one and went on it Kelby went by her self,and me.Hunter went with a guide and mom ,dad went bye there was good. Next we went to the next the next one i did a trick it is called a monkey you go with a guide you hang up side down,and the guide stops it and controls it. Then we went on eight more.It was awesome!!! then on the second last one i went on like a bird, this one is the longest one.It was excellent!!!Then the last one we went to was the most funnest one.We went on and you just sat there and the person on the end would stop you and make u bounce high,up and down over and over again. It was the most funnest part of my trip!!I Love zip lining!!!!


Today was excelente:)this morning we had breakfast and went to volcan Mombacho for a walking tour and to do ZIP LINING!!The tour was excelent and so was are guide.are walking tour was1 hr. and 45min. to get up this steep volcano you have to go in a 4x4 vechile. Zip lineing was awesome! You put on a harness, helmet, and special gloves to go onthis eleven line experience.truely amazing:)i did do two tricks one really scary that i held on when your not suposed to.that one is the one where you hang upside down.the other one a guide is behind you holding your legs and you lay on your stumic.this one was more fun then the first one.the last run where we were we would bounce from the guides moving the lines. i love zip lining and im glad i tried it.


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