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Here is the start of some short entries as we made our way down the coast of Brazil. Our first stop after Belem was Sao Luis. It is renowned for being very typical of Portuguese building style. It´s a UNESCO site, though there are tons of those in South America. We stayed in a hostal in the old center. The buildings were nice, they are a different style than the ones in Spanish South America. The ones here were covered with Portuguese style blue and white tiles on the fronts so as to try and keep the buildings cooler. Not that it seems to help much.

We spent a couple of days there seeing some museums and checking out the downtown. We were there on a weekend, so there wasn´t a whole lot open. A lot of South American city centres are like ghost towns on weekends.

Anyways, we either didn´t do a whole lot more there or my memory is failing. I suppose I could combine some of the entries, but then the map wouldn´t be right, and we wouldn´t want that. Next stop, Fortaleza.

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