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First time for everything...the cleaning lady almost pulled the sheets out from under us in the dorm at 7:30am (ck out is 10!) so we took the hint and left! Bus to La Entrada arr there 11 am where we changed to bus for San Pedro which was waiting...but before we could get on the fellow in charge of tickets & baggage had to get street peddlers off so we could get in w/ out packs. Over 20 peddlers w/ every kind of food/drink you might imagine got off! Even then that only emptied half the aisle, ha!

Mountains to Entrada, then valley & big ranches/farms-cattle, corn, sugar cane-little villages along main hwy...looks to me like these people mostly work on the big ranches as laborers. Small wood or block houses, corrugated steel roofs. This is one of the big issues here, a very tiny group of wealthy control everything...has been this way for at least 70 + years, probably more like since the country began.

Lucky it is overcast, cool, very comfortable traveling. Mtns w/ lots of wood available like in Guatemala...saw mfg of wood pallets mostly (saw high stacks of them), and some crate type boxes (ship fruit?)

San Pedro is largest commercial/mfg center in Honduras...road to Tela major agric area, sugar cane, bananas, citrus orchards, cattle, corn, papaya...none of these small plots, all large farms. Arr in Tela, cab to Mango Cafe B&B from LP-info is totally wrong on prices, all rooms are minimum $22 US which is twice the LP listed amt. Lady said they did not have any dorms avail but even if something cheaper was avail it would be too much, she said because all the travelers requested TV! So now every room has TV which makes the prices twice as high...hmmm, something very strange going on here! After more questions we gave up on trying to find a place in Tela. It did not look as appealing as the LP made out so, since it was only 4, we headed to bus and on to Ceiba. The bus was again just leaving so we hopped on board. This was the slowest and strangest bus ride I have ever encountered considering the road was wide, well paved, 2 lane, not excessive traffic...a major road. What should have taken 1 1/2 hours took 3, the last 1/2 hour in pouring rain, arr in the dark at 7 (all day to go 280km=160miles/4 buses & 2 taxis). Driver was stopping to get dinner at his home, picking up a drink at some market, waiting for 20 min for nothing we could determine, and just generally poking along! What saved us was the overcast, cool weather. Very frustrating so when we got into town had to take a taxi to Banana Republic Guest House where we got a friendly welcome and altho dorms were only 125l ea we opted for a private room 185l ea = $10.25 US. Not cheap, but w/ fan, and private bath....It continued to rain heavily all night, this is the first big rain since we left in Dec.


Working on our plan forward...it rained all nite and still coming down tho not as hard. We were thinking of going to La Moskitia & jungle experience to see one of C. Am last frontiers of untouched jungle but...

We spent day walking around town, in the rain, looking unsuccessfully for Dutchman's Bar & Grill (now closed, as are many places which look to have been for tourists). Ended up at Pizza Hut, ha! Still raining off and on...head to El Trujillo tomor. Lots of Dutch people in this hostel tonite, many came from Bay Island after trying to wait out the rains unsuccessfully...apparently been like this past 3 days. Forecast is for some clearing for a couple days, then back to rain...we will not try a jungle experience this time around, maybe some day or just be happy w/ Amazon, who knows. Too bad, the info in LP sounds very inviting but it would be a minimum of 5 days commitment to get to and back and costs would be +/- $35 US a day, not too bad but lots of other sites in Honduras interest us, especially in highlands and mtn areas (cooler and dryer there hopefully, as well).

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