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Forced sing-along with Perle and Martin.

The kids on a hike.

Day 93

It’s our last full day in Reunion. This leg of the vacation did go by rather quickly. Tomorrow we will be jetting off to Paris.

The camping came to a conclusion, finally. The tenrecs tasted HORRIBLE. Most of the weird things I have eaten (crocodile, octopus, tortoise) have all tasted good, so eating them made a little sense. But, the tenrecs were beyond disgusting. Martin took one bite and spit it out directly. Poor pregnant Nadine threw up from just the odor. I managed a couple of bites, trying to be culturally sensitive. But, that was it for me. Gross, gross, gross.

Maya, who gets her natural grace from me, fell down a couple of stairs last night. She busted her lip pretty good and has five scabs around her mouth and nose. She looks like she got in a boxing ring. Luckily, all of her teeth survived the fall. It was interesting to have a doctor present at a time like that. Fortunately, a bunch of hugs and kisses was all she needed.

Our camping hosts were ah-mazing. Gosy’s cousin Recipe and her husband own the house we stayed in. Recipe’s husband is Creole. 100% Creole. The Creole language is a French/English combination that is impossible for me to understand. Plus, the language seems to be spoken very quickly. Every time Gerard opened his mouth, he got a blank stare from me. But, the hospitality was unparalleled. The cooking and cleaning and work that it took to host all of us was incredible. And we even got a parting gift – a bottle of Reunion’s finest rum. I hope it survives the trip in my checked baggage since it cannot go in my carry-on.

There was forced singing this morning. I do not sing. Ever since 7th grade when I auditioned for choir (rejection), I do not sing in public. But “no” was apparently not an option. My wonderful sister-in-law got out her iPhone to take pictures. Or at least I thought she was taking pictures. In the end, it turns out she was videotaping my terrible rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama.” Apparently I am youtube ready. If I honestly turn up on youtube, I will never show my face in public again. Never.

We are spending our last day at Olga’s house. She bought Diet Coke for my last dinner. Sweet!!!! There was also chocolate mousse. It’s a good thing the vacation in Reunion is ending – my waistline would not survive much longer.

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