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Day 92

So, I stand by my original statement: camping is unnecessary. Especially if all you’re going to do is sit around and eat and drink. We not even really camping – we’re in a house that’s under construction. So, there’s a bathroom with no water and limited electricity. It’s just like being in Madagascar. I guess that’s why everyone likes it so much. Sigh…

The road to the house was pretty intense. Lots of hairpin turns and ups and downs. It’s the exact kind of road I have no appreciation for. Martin kept pointing out all of the glorious scenery. I couldn’t even turn my head. If I don’t look directly at the road at all times, I will be ill. Reunion is not the island for me! Too curvy and too expensive. But it is beautiful, as long as I’m sitting still and not spending any money.

We have 11 kids and nine adults in the house. That’s a lot of people. Apparently the more the merrier, in all situations. Apparently.

Gosy has been working all afternoon to prepare some tenrecs (spelling??) for cocktail hour. They look like miniature porcupines. First, he spent two hours burning off their quills. Now they’re being grilled. I can’t really see that they’re going to be worth all this trouble.

While Gosy was wasting the day away, all of the couples went one by one to go shower in a small waterfall. How many times in your life do you get to shower in a waterfall? It sounded fun. We’re in the middle of nowhere, so I assumed it was quite remote and private. By the time he finished quill removal duty it was almost dark. The only waterfall we found was literally on the side of the road. I’m not sure if we found the right waterfall, but I was not about to strip down on the side of the road, even if only a couple of cars drive by each day. No way. I guess that makes me a stick in the mud American, but I went home and took a good old fashioned bucket bath. The French are a lot more laid back about their bodies. I’ve seen almost everyone in their underwear, which I find kind of odd. Do any of you get home from work, take your pants off and wander around the rest of the night in your underwear? When you have company? Maya used to be anti-pants. She took her pants off the second she got in the door. You would have thought she was just taking off her jacket or something. But, she was three. Hopefully when she’s 43 she keeps her pants on when appropriate.

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