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If you expected to read today, of our trip from the RGV to Victoria, Texas, I can only hope that this entry doesn’t disappoint you too much.

Marilyn & I were ready to go this morning when we awoke and took time for our morning coffee.

As we sat together sipping our coffee, it began to rain. It rained moderately all morning, so we made a decision to spend one more day here in the valley and drive to Houston tomorrow.

We called a few of our friends to let them know that they did not need to get out in the rain to wave “So Long” to us.

We called Roger & Joyce to see if they would like to have breakfast at Mingo’s.

As we were talking with them, Ted & Sue stopped by to share a hug.

As soon as they left, Roger & Joyce pulled up in their truck.

We hopped in with them and were soon seated at a booth, sipping coffee, eating a hearty breakfast and sharing good conversation.

Back at the RV, we got busy. Marilyn defrosted the freezer and did one load of laundry, while I had our 40# propane cylinder filled for $21.00.

The rain stopped as we relaxed, in the afternoon, although the wind continued to blow and the temperature remained cool.

Dale & Linda stopped by to say “So Long” and we spoke on the phone with different friends during the day.

I made another trip to the office to pay them for this extra day.

I then dumped the holding tanks and stowed the sewer hose and connections.

I put a cover over the seat on the bike to protect it from any additional rain which might come our way.

The only remaining things which need to be done before we pull out in the morning is to disconnect the water and the electric, hook the fifth wheel to the truck and complete the other normal pre-departure items.

We have about 283 miles to drive tomorrow, so we anticipate an early departure from here, at least by 8:30 AM. Maybe even 8:00 but we will probably insist on having our morning coffee before we leave.

As for tonight, we’ll just sit back and watch American Idol, and try to have an early bedtime.

We always hate to leave good friends. There is no doubt about that!

The thing which happens each year is the eager anticipation at the thought of seeing these good people again.

Loving family and friends are what makes this a wonderful world.

Life is Good!

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