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Sue grocery shopping in Italy

Got up and went to breakfast after a delightful shower and a long sleep after the trip over. Alyse and Angie met a friendly farm cat that they seemed to enjoy. Breakfast consisted of a variety of breads and cereal , yogurts, hard boiled eggs, meats and fruits. After we were done, we made a quick detour to the main office for a my trip journal update. Then on to Reggello for a visit to the olive oil maker. We made a slight detour to the main downtown area of the town where we purchased some snacks for the next week. Fresh grapes, bananas, strawberries then on to the market for some cheese and meats, beer and of course a little TP for dad. A couple of us, Angie and Alyse made a stop at gelatori for a snack and then down the street to the pastry shop for a few goodies. We next tried to make our way to Pasquini (the olive oil processing business). We had a detour out to the country on a very small one lane road on the edge of a hill then back to the main road and around the corner was Pasquini. We stopped and looked around the several buildings there but no one was around. We were just pulling out of the drive when we stopped to talk to a man driving in and asked about a olive oil/wine tasting and a tour. He indicated that was possible and we reversed our course however the other car of folks did not! After a quick phone call, thank goodness for international phones they were headed back. We tasted olive oil, green olive spread, black olive paste and olive salsa – all were delicous and most are making their way back to Iowa. After the tasting we were given a tour of the processing plant and the way the olives are turned into oil by Julia. She was an excellent guide to the process. We also got a look at their tanks of olive oil and spoke with her father briefly. Then back to the villa for a quick break and up to the cooking school for our cooking class. We were put to work right away chopping vegetables – onions, carrots, celery and parsley. These were put in a huge pan to cook with the Italians favorite ingredient – olive oil. Chicken livers and hearts were put in a large pan to cook as well – for chicken pate. Sausage was mixed with cream cheese and tomatoes oil all to be put on crustini for appetizers. Wine was flowing while we were cooking – maybe a little to freely for some! We next were tasked with making home made fettucini noodles. This was a challenging task – we started off with flour and eggs and began mixing and kneading and pounding the dough. After that it was rolling it out and then cutting it into noodles. Lots and lots of work. After the noodles it was time to make the pizza dough. This was similar to making the noodles but included floor, egg,yeast and olive oil and water. This was left to rise until dinner time then we would make our own pizzas. Finally we made biscotti dough with almonds. More flour and some powdered vanilla and powdered yeast and more kneading and rolling. And people say I don’t cook! After about five and half hours of cooking (this why don’t cook), dinner was served, crostini with various toppings mentioned above, followed by the homemade fettucini noodles with the vegetables cooked with pork and beef sausage – awesome!, then the homemade pizzas with your choice of topping (sausage and mushroom) and then the biscotti. Too much good food and good wine! Then bedtime for all as we had to get up and be ready to go at 5:15!

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