Citadel View - Bon & Mari in Ctr., Danube in Bkgrnd.

View of Danube from Citadel - Fearless Tower in Front of Bon's...

Baby Owl on Fence by Tennis Court/Citadel

View of Summit - Vitosha Mtn. - Ski Area

Lift at Vitosha Mtn. Ski Area

Mari & Bon on Mtn. - Sofia Below

Three of Us - Sofia Below

A Lift, Mari, & Tim

Mari,Mark,Kiley,Kerry,Claire,& Tim

BIG Church - Tim Was Lectured To(Hat On!)

Got up to a great breakfast of french toast w/ homemade rose jelly, yumm and goat cheese and hot milk...Anna, our hostess told us the bus would leave for Sofia at 9 (it was then 8:40) so we quickly beat a path to the station and now at noon here we rained pretty much the whole way on the bus, was not raining on the walk to the station or when we arrived in Sofia. We have been quite lucky weather wise.

Yesterday(8th), we took the cable car to the highest point w/o chairlift on Vitosha Mtn. to see the view of Sophia was a beautiful,clear,sunny Mom's Day and we had a great time walking around...snow still melting at that altitude, the highest peak is at 2295 m. where some fellows were still SKIING! We went up with a family we met at the hostel from Aussieland, Kerry,Mark,Kiley,& Claire, who are travelling for a year together! Have been ontheroad since Jan. when they too rented their house and took off. Got back to city and toured the various sites, churches, statues, etc...Bulgaria in a big city is not such a great place, people are not much for tourists, a bit grumpy...kind of what we expected in Russia but found quite the contrary there.

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