Brinleys Hit Nicaragua 2010 travel blog

Today was off to the beach all day. The Pacific Coast was great! But again Hot! Hot! Hot! The sand at the beach was so hot , you had to wear your shoes. i tried sun tanning , that was short lived , i had to go to the water to stay cool. The waves were extreme, soo strong, something else. The ride to get to the beach was once again on the back of a small pick up truck , but this time it was just our family. So about 30 minutes , cruising as fast as they can down the highway in the back of a pick up truck, great fun!! I don´t think the girls will want to wear seatbelts when we return back to Canada. Back of a truck or packing the 6 of us into a geo taxi is more like it, sitting on top of each other or standing in the back of the pick up truck is what we are used to now. The girls picked sea shells along the coast , so that was fun. and off to Granada tomorrow morning but have to get to Manuagua first. This should be interesting .



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