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Well, after 3 months in Perth, I am sad to leave as it has come to feel like home, but also excited to get back on the road again.

Upon arriving in Perth Michal and I spent a few days at a hostel at Scarborough beach, while searching for more permanent accommodations. We were shocked at how expensive it was going to be to live is Perth, and not just in regards to accommodations, but everything. I would estimate that everything is approximately double the price as Canada. However, minimum wage is higher at almost $15. Anyhoots, it was probably more of a slap in the face since we had just spent over a month in SE Asia where everything is dirt cheap.

Within 5 days we had secured an amazing flat across from Cottesloe beach, which is one of the nicest beaches in the Perth area. We were very lucky to secure a place without a long term lease, as our first couple of days were very frustrating as nobody would even talk to us without committing to a long term lease. Which we were clearly not able to do, as we did not know how long we would be in Perth OR if we were going to head east to work for a few months. Once we got the flat in Cottelsoe we decided to settle in Perth for a few months. Within a week we had jobs, a phone, internet and were happily unpacked in our new flat. It was SOOOOOOOO nice to unpack our bags and settle in somewhere for more than a week.

Now the job front has been a challenge here in Perth, with both of us working 3 jobs each. Two of the jobs were telemarketing and brutal but we worked together so at least we were suffering together. After a month and a half both of those jobs came to an end but I was extremely lucky to secure a job at a Wealth Management company as a Shares Officer…So I worked 8-4 for the last 6 weeks, and wouldn’t go as far to say I enjoyed it BUT it was a huge step up from telemarketing. Michal, unfortunately was stuck in the Hell of telemarketing.

Perth is a great city. The kind of place that you’d love to settle down in; clean, peaceful, nice people, beautiful beaches, but, not much to do at all. Michal and I spent the majority of our time at the beach, which was a 30 second walk from our flat. We could hear the waves crashing to the ground from our bed, which was extremely calming. I don’t think I will ever have the opportunity to live somewhere where you can hear the ocean from your bed. As much as I would love to live here indefinitely, it is simply too far from all of our friends and family. AND getting the dogs here might kill them. We actually determined that Perth is the furthest city from Montréal in the world, at over 18000km away. To be further, there would have to be a city in the Indian Ocean between Australia and Africa. I guess we REALLY just wanted to get away. Another interesting titbit is that Perth is the MOST isolated city in the world. The next closest big city is thousands of kms away….maybe that is why everything is so damn expensive.

However, besides the beach we generally went to the Casino every weekend, and overall did well. I did not gamble much but did spend time either at the bar with my Vino rosso or reading outside the casino in the beautiful surroundings of a pond, with ducks and black swans. We also spent time at Kings Park, which is Perth’s city park, overlooking the city. We got to know the CBD, as they refer to it, central business district, which is the downtown core quite well. This was not hard as the CBD is maybe 5 blocks squared. We did not spend a lot of time in the CBD at night as it was not a place you desired to be. During the day it was full of business people and quite lively with a pleasant atmosphere; however after dark you did not want to venture around too much. It was a completely different city at night where mainly drunks and homeless people roamed the streets. Not the safest place to be.

On my birthday we headed out to Caversham Park, which is a wildlife park outside the city where you could interact with Kangaroos and Koalas as well as being exposed to other wildlife of Australia. Besides it being over 40 degrees and scorching, we had a blast. Kangaroos are now one of my favorite animals, along with Quokkas. That leads me to a few weeks ago when we headed to Rottnest Island just of the coast of Western Australia. We spent the day the cycling around the island and Snorkeling. Rottnest Island is the only place in the world that Quokkas inhabit. Quokkas are marsupials, sort of like a small Wallaby. VERY VERY CUTE!

With a few days left in Perth we are going to try and enjoy the city to the fullest but we are also torn because we should definitely take it easy. Come Monday will be on the road again and NON STOP until our return in June. Our itinerary is as follows: Two weeks caravanning on the West coast, 9 days in Melbourne staying with family and touring Melbourne and surrounding area, 3 weeks on a bus tour in New Zealand (touring both South and North islands), followed by a month driving down the east coast from Cairns to Sydney, and finally 11 days in Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai, and Big island). We are very excited about all the wonderful places we will see and the experiences that will accompany our travels , only, I am not too excited about re-packing my backpack again, cause I don’t know how I will get everything to fit!

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