Brinleys Hit Nicaragua 2010 travel blog

So it is to be another day of bussing but preferably better buses in this part of the country. After breakfast we take a cab to the bus depot then on to Leon via Managua. Leon is supposedly very beautiful and very hot. We are hoping for a hotel with pool. We will be about 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean also so a swim in the Pacific is on the todo list. I have really enjoyed this hotel with its computers, good beds and air conditioning.


So good bye to Juiagulpa and on to Leon. Juiagulpa was okay, quiet , nothng much to do there. Hotel was nice , air conditoned!! It just keeps on getting hotter , but apparently Leon is even yet hotter! So we took an expresso bus to Manugua on our way to Leon. That was good but i think they really don´t have speed limits here and i felt like i was on a fair ride, we were driving soo fast. It made me nausea the whole way. Then we got to Manuagua, well that is a scarey city. We had to take a cab from one bus station to the other, and the guide books say to watch for the pirsted taxis, well guess what we got a pirsted taxi, i believe. He showed us his license or whatever it was but the streets he took us down and going back the way we just came , it was crazy and scary at the same time. But he did get us to the bus station but when we got out of the taxi apparently he was a pirated taxi with no licence plate on the vehicle and argued with Billy on the price and i believe it ended up costing us more in the end, but we made it to our destination. Now we stand and sit for 2 - 3 hours at the bus station in the extreme heat , i thought i was going to die from the heat, it was unbelieveably hot , hot, hot! Plus people telling grandma to take off her gold necklaces and earrings and others yelling and arguing ,fighting about us i think . when a bus arrives only 16 people can get on at a time and there is alot of people waiting for a bus , so they push and shove and hollar, but we had this very nice Nicaragua lady who was fighting for us to get us on the next bus , if it was the last thing she was to do she would get us on that bus. After a huge amount of arguing and fighting around us , she did succeed and got us on the next bus and she managed to get on that same bus too. Thank goodness for that Nica lady!! What an experience that was. The days you travel are really hard days. We didn´t have far to go on a bus , but you wait for hours on end to get on a bus or whatever transportation it may be. But we did it , barely.


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