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Day 90

We went to McDonald’s today. We got four happy meals for the kids, two extra value meals, a McChicken and a McFlurry. It was $50. I can’t get over the prices here. McDonald’s is not a four-star restaurant! It’s McDonald’s. Where is the dollar menu???? But, it’s been three months since we’ve had fast food and it was good. Very, very good.

Apparently we’re all going camping this weekend. Yeah (sarcasm)…I kind of feel like I camped for two years in the Peace Corps and I’m totally over it. But, everyone is super excited to go up in the mountains, sit around, eat and drink for 48 hours.

Perle and I went to the grocery store to get some essentials. Holy cow!!!!!! We bought beer, wine, soda, chips, cookies, meat, bread – just the basics. The cart wasn’t even full. And we spent almost $400!!! Holy cow things are insanely expensive here.

The next stop was the bakery. We got two small cakes to celebrate a birthday. The cakes were SMALL. They were maybe 8x8 sized cakes. They cost $70. I almost fell out on the floor. I don’t know how anyone lives in this country. I guess they aren’t buying very many cakes!!!

All of Gosy’s family wishes we were staying longer than 10 days. But, I gotta tell you, we’ll be broke for sure if we stay any longer. Insanity.

So, Gosy was looking for something yesterday while I was out grocery shopping. He tore apart all of our luggage. It looks like a bomb went off in the room. I am so tired of luggage. I can’t wait to have an apartment with a dresser. I’m so over being transient. Hopefully Gosy gets a job at the Fridley or Woodbury distribution center. We emailed his old boss who is making some calls. There are a lot of nice apartments in Woodbury. I can’t wait to have an apartment!!!!!!

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