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Sunset from our back deck

Sunrise on the farm at Kai Iwi Lakes



Hiking to the Mermaid Pools

On Saturday I was tasked with helping stand at the NorthTec booth at the annual Northland Field Days to hand out information about courses and answer questions. Field Days is like the state fair. The main audience is farmers and there were lots of tractors. Mike came along and entertained himself watching the lumberjack competition.

We had planned to go camping nearby with our friends that night. During the two hour thunderstorm right in the middle of the day, we questioned if that was a good idea. Thankfully it cleared up and we were headed to Kai Iwi Lakes for a fun night of camping.

We stayed on a friend’s dad’s farm. Your choice of activities included driving a couple of miles over the farm to the magical and rugged West Coast (once on the beach there is no other access for 10 km in one direction and 8 km in the other – that’s some serious alone time) or heading out the front of the 500 acre property to Kai Iwi Lakes. The last time we were at Kai Iwi it was winter and it rained and brought us humiliation (no wait that was because we told everyone we saw a kiwi and it was a hedgehog!). Anyway, this time we enjoyed the warm lake water and spent some very quiet time on the beach side.

On Sunday we borrowed the farm’s motor boat and went biscuiting! That’s what they call tubing here. It was SO much fun. The four boys had a contest to see who could throw each other off the most and Mike supposedly won. Mike was the worst driver and threw our friend Nicki off several times. I’m surprised she’s still talking to him!

It was a perfect summer weekend in Northland. March has brought cooler evenings and darker mornings but we’re holding onto summer and hope to eek a few more fun camping trips before daylight savings.

On another note, Mike and a few other guys were visited by a shark whilst out for a surf Tuesday night. Not cool. Apparently it just swam around in circles for a while then left. No one seemed to care. I guess it wasn’t hungry for Mike’s chicken legs.

I hope you’re all thawing out and being greeted by a daffodil or two by now. We send our love and are counting down the days until we see our family in June!

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