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So here I get up. Now I go down stairs for breakfast, just toast. Then we went on a boat to the jungle. I saw monkeys, it was awesome!! Then we went swimming. Then we got in the boat and went back to the hotel then we went for lunch. We got a tiny carne empanada and a banana because we were out of money. It only cost $10 cordobas each. Then we went to the fort, that was interesting and then we went in the boat fishing for Tarpon. We didn't catch anything. Then we went to the hotel Victoria and ate a good supper. I had chicken, salad, fries (pollo, ensalada, papa fritas) We ate ice cream with the Australians and California Michael. And then home to bed. P.S. Since we had no money that was bad, I was starving eating an empanada and banano does not fill me that much :)


What a beautiful town. The only access is by boat down river, 1-1/2hr by a fast load and not so reliable boat (one of the passengers had to continually climb back to the motor to prime it) or by the more interesting chicken boat which takes three hours. A chicken boat (they don,t actually call it that, they call it the slow boat) is just like a chicken bus. It is a collectivo so it stops continually on both sides of the river picking up and dropping off people, sometimes they are just crossing the river. And on a chicken boat there is never too many people and you can haul anything. At one point people were standing in the middle of the boat and yes one was holding his chicken. I am guessing he was heading to market with it. The chickens as are all livestock are very tame so they just hold onto the chicken with no flapping about going on. In my humble opinion the slow boat is the way to go, it was less crowded, quieter, and you get to meet the locals and see how the live, with the fast boat you nearly go deaf, and see the spray of water on either side of the boat. El Castillo is a very nice little town. There is no cars, so there is only walkways instead of streets. Some of the houses are only attached to the land by one edge and the rest is perched over the devil rapids. This is the gateway to the jungle, with a river teaming with Caiman, turtles, fish, Tarpon, sharks (a little farther down river) and ghosts of pirates past. The fortress at El Castillo was strategically placed there as when pirates sailed up river to attack Granada, they would have to slow down or stop to cross the Devil rapids which is at the foot of the hill the fort is perched on. You can see why the fort was successful as it is at an ideal location. In El Castillo you can eat those giant shrimp that are more like lobster and very good, or you can eat anything you like. Only one place in town had a menu and they only had half of the stuff that was on the menu. At the rest of the restaurants you just tell them what you would like to eat. A word of warning though, there is no access to a bank or ATM in El Castillo and only one hotel/restaurant takes credit cards. And the restaurants here are twice as expensive here then else where in Nica. You can also go on a night tour catching Caiman, that was well worth it, just the first ten minutes in the boat trolling in the dark through the river edges moving tree branches with your hands as the guide lays down over the edge of the boat and attempts to grab a Caiman and bring it into the boat. Just the suspense of it all, especially when he quickly rambled away in Spanish what he was going to do, way faster then anyone of us could understand. He also catches lizards, iguanas, and anything else he can manage to find. The hiking through the Agua Fresca indio maze was also good if you like hot muddy hikes. The guide was very good and explained the different uses of the different trees and plants and was excellent at spotting wild life. Including Spider monkeys, howler monkeys, cayman, turtles, Tucan`s ,etc... We also saw tracks from a Jaguar but didn`t manage to see any snakes or frogs :( The people live a hard life here, the houses are more like shacks, you catch or grow all your food, and to travel in or out of the area you either need to own your own boat or take the slow boat. And the slow boat at almost $4 dollars is more then most people earn in two days.


Today was great at this morning we went to the jungle for a walking tour.On the way there,being there and coming back we saw camines,turtles,howling monkeys, spider monkeys, wild pig tracks,puma tracks,cranes and tucans. All of them were great to see.Here is a question.Can you tell in the jungle what is medicine,edibleor safe? if i had to i maybe could identify one or two plants,monkey spit somthing that is like a comb,monkeys and puma tracks.I learnt all of this and more from one trip on a tour of the jungle for a few hours of hiking up, down and true some mud.That was definatly something i will remeber for along time.That same days just a couple hours later we went fishing for 200 pound fish which take 1 1/2 hours o get into the boat.The sad part is that same day we found out we ad very little money left so we could fish no longer than a hour:( Pero(but), in my opinon it was still a very good day.


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