Brinleys Hit Nicaragua 2010 travel blog

It was a long and hot walk


Chillin waiting for the bus

Not all the churches are catherdrals

Today after spending the night in a dorm shared by all plus a few scorpions,spiders and beetles { one which was walking around inside my pj´s in the middle of the night}, we decided to walk to one of the big attractions on the island. The eye of the water, which is a spring of mineral waters. It supposedly cures many ills and is said the take years off. {The man at the gate stated that I looked 9 years younger on my way out:]It was a very long walk but fortunately we did most of it along a beautiful sandy beach, and in sight of a perfect smoking volcano. More about that later.

The part of the day that amazed me tho, was supper. We ate on the beach under a thatched roof. THe fish on OMeteppe is said to be amazing so I ordered that. Hunter followed my lead and ordered fish also, as did Taylor. The looks on their faces was priceless as they were served not one but 2 fish, deep fried , complete with tails, fins, eyes etc. Hunter checked her fish out carefully and stated ´at least they took the eyes out´´ I informed her that the eyes were still in the fish. With that she poked at it with her fork, then said ´I make it blink¨´:) She then dug in , and thought it delicious. THere wasn´t actually much meat on the fish, but we later learned that we were supposed to eat it all, fins, tail, and suck out the brains and enjoy them also. No wonder the waitress offered to pack up the skeletons of our fish for snacking on when we got back to our dorm.


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