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Nica Bathroom

Sometimes the bus driver decides to cross the river rather then the...

Donde Esta El Banos (where is the bathroom) - its over the...

Now those are big river shrimp

Wow, what a relief, have just had a shower, and we have a air conditioned room . Billy , Cyn and the kids have gone out to eat, but I am sitting here finally on the internet. I am not hungry just hot and tired and have a stash of 2 pieces of excellent fried chicken and some nice baking in the room. I asked Billy to bring a gallon of drinking water and a coffee back if possible. I have been caffeine deprived in this country where so much of it is grown.

Today started out early, between 0500 and 0600 when we got up and tried to shower while there was running water available. They shut the water off before 6 so we didn{t all get showered. We then had our free breakfast of eggs scrambled, toast { which is really dried out bread} served with real butter and guava jelly. Juice for the kids, coffee for the adults , then off we went to catch the slow boat to San Carlos. It was a long boat, full of Nica{s of all sorts who all seem to be very curious to have a family of gringos in their midst. It gives us great opportunities to practice our spanish. Billy really enjoys using the Spanish. We all do , of course, and the kids are great with it. Hunter does really well , amazing when she can{t even read yet.

We had a real breakfast when we arrived in San Carlos before boarding the bus to here. What a ride that turned out to be, 5 hours on an old school bus over the worse road in Nicargua, and believe me, the roads are very bad. We had a 15 minute stop where we used what passes for a BR, look at the arena used for cock fighting, then hopped back on the bus. We visited with some Nicas on the bus, one of whom had moved forward in the bus so he could talk to Billy. He was a teacher and makes about $1 per hour. He farms on the side, has about 40 head of dairy cattle. LIfe is very hard for these people.

More tomorrow


Okay, so i have said this a million times i know but i am loving this trip and it was along time away but when you are in Nica there is so much stuff you want to see but dont always have time for it.Today we got up and like abwella (spelling?)(Grandma)said we had our free breakfast and got on the slow boat to San Carlos which took about 3 hours.When at San Carlos we had a bettr breakfast and got on a bus for about 4 1/2 hrs.on a really ruff road to Juigalpa. the bus was a chicken bus which is a school bus with racks.finally we found a hotel and went out for burgers and hotdogs but grangma did not come.the funny part about this day was while waiting for dad to come back to the internet so i could scare him i fell a sleep behind a coach on the sement flour.


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