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Amy and Ceinthe on the hot lava.

Day 89

Today we are hanging with the twin! Nadine picked us up this afternoon and we went to get Ceinthe at work. We haven’t done a lot of touristy things with Perle which is a-okay with me. I have a tendency to get carsick and Reunion is very mountainous. The roads are extremely curvy and hilly. Not good.

But, Ceinthe decided to take us to see a few sites. We saw a huge waterfall which was pretty cool. And then we saw a volcano. Apparently the volcano erupted two years ago and the lava is still hot and smoking. I guess we don’t need to go to Hawaii now! We’ve seen beaches, waterfalls and a volcano.

We also saw the location of Ceinthe and Grandpa’s infamous car accident. A couple of years ago Ceinthe and Grandpa were on the way to a picnic. The brakes went out on the car and they ended up going off the edge of the road, flipping more than three times and falling over 20 feet down an embankment. The car was totaled, but between the two of them, all they got were two minor cuts. The witnesses to the accident were sure they were dead. Everyone was shocked to see them get out of the car and walk away. They ended up in the emergency room for evaluation. Martin was on-call so the two were quickly discharged and sent home. There was even an article in the newspaper because it was so amazing that the two weren’t hurt. Grandpa cut out the article and has it at home.

It’s 9 p.m. and this is the earliest we’ve finished dinner all week. The French eat dinner pretty late. Since we’ve had a few dinner parties, the time gets pushed back even further. Last night we finished eating around 11 p.m. Crazy!!! Perle and Martin said they are going to visit the States in three years. I can’t wait to feed them dinner at 6 p.m.!!! They won’t know what to do with the rest of their night!

I just saw online that Corey Haim died. He was one of those actors that starred in all the cheesy movies for adolescent girls. I feel like we grew up together. It’s sad that he’s dead. There have been a lot of drug overdoses lately. Just say no, people!!!!!!!!!!!!

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