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We stayed an extra day in San Antonio as it was raining and very windy the day on Monday. Rather than drive in that for three days, we decided to hold off a day and follow the storm. What we are running into is very wet RV Parks with very poor drainage. This RV Park - Gulf Coast RV Resort is on the west side of Beaumont and very close to the Gulf. Although the rain had stopped when we got here and the roads are all paved and the pads are cement there are puddles of water everywhere. The pads are narrow and the hookups are surrounded by mud. Although they allow vehicle washing there is so much water everywhere, we don't dare make it worse by washing the know it's bad when Brad didn't even wash the bugs off the windshield! It was in the high 70's yesterday and sunny most of the way over here and it brought out the bugs. This is the first time on this trip that we have run into this, a very common occurrence at home in the summer. The ride over here was very easy. It was very flat and we passed a lot of cattle ranches and a few oil rigs scattered here and there. I was driving when we went through Houston but it was very easy to get through. The road was VERY WELL marked as to what lane to be in to stay on 10. I wish all cities were that well marked. The rest areas weren't plentiful but the ones there were very nice.

We will leave here today to drive into Louisiana. I'm not quite sure where we are headed. The last three parks we've been in have been very wet and muddy. The weather forecast in this area of the south doesn't look great for the next few days - it may alter our plans there is a nice park in New Orleans but it is quite expensive. We had thought of staying there tonight through Friday nights but this weekend is considered a holiday weekend (St Patrick's Day) and the rate for the weekend is $89.00/night with a 3 night minimum stay, no discounts allowed. We don't know if they would make us pay for Sat & Sun as well or would consider Wed & Thurs as our 3 nights.

When Brad gets up and we get ready to hit the road he'll decide. We are planning to meet friends in Lafayette for lunch.

Will write more from wherever we land.

Barb & Brad

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