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Enroute to Semuc Champey

Beautiful Pools in Semuc

Our Group at Lunch

The Hillsides Largely Cleared of Forest

Looking Down at Semuc Pools From Mirador

Looking Down From Mirador at Semuc Pools

Great Hike/Views of Surrounding Forest

More of Semuc & River

Amazing Jungle River

Amazing Jungle River

Met Claudia (lady our age from Argentina!) driving overland from Pategonia to (hopefully) Alaska on her own at 60 w/ her dog. Tour incl Beau from Ohio on 1st overseas experience. Countryside steep mtns, coffee, corn, and cardamom plants (all shipped to India/Asia)much clear cutting/wood collecting on steep/cleared hillsides. Road 2 hours to Lanquin-last 11 km on updown gravel 1 lane road twist turning. Caves were a bust, very dead, dirty, brown stalagmites/tites. However, 10 km further our visit to Semuk Champey (local Indian dialect for ┬Ęplace where river comes form underground") was most impressive. Great hiking excercise up & down & up 400 mtrs to Mirador and then after working up the sweat a refreshing dip in the pools!

Semuc Champey Info

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