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We got up early from the condo had enough time to feed the koi fish and checked out of the hotel at 11:30. We decided to check out early because of the long drive back to the airport.

We dropped the jeep off and took our new suitcases to the terminal building; then the waiting began, We waited on line for the ticket counter, waited in line for security check and waited to board the jet to leave Maui.

During the two hour layover, we had supper before boarding the plane, since we didn’t want to pay for a meal on the plane. At 7:30 pm Hawaii time, we boarded our plane and took off bound Calgary (via Seattle) for the 6.4 hour flight. We got off the plane at 5:30am Calgary time, cleared Canada customs, stopped at Tim Horton’s for breakfast and cleared anther security search and catch the Jazz plane to Regina. The pilot made an announcement was made saying there's fog in Regina and that it’s a possibility we would have to return to Calgary if we couldn’t land, and he ensured us he took extra fuel just in case. At Regina, we were going to land on runway 13; we were coming in high and the plane started to turn weave back and forth. The pilot broke off that landing, got on the radio and said told us he had Navid problem and was doing a missed approach. And he would be doing a holding pattern for a 1/2 hour until the fog clears. After a few turns, the pilot said he was going to try another approach to Winnipeg, which caused a commotion among the passengers who had the steward confirm the city.

The second approach height was fine, but the plane was coming in fast. And it didn’t wobble down the approach this time. The plane landed but took up a lot of runway length. Normally they stop and ½ down the runway, but this time he took about ¾ the length of the runway.

We got our suitcases and Tony and Ester took us to a place that doesn’t seem like home anymore.

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