Trip to Paradise--Hawaii 2010 travel blog

Here is a good pic of the ring...I couldn't love it more!!...

Driving towards Kapa'a

Came across a cave near Princeville

View from inside the cave

Hanging out on Tunnels Beach--during a rainstorm. Only a "Seattle-ite" would do...

The oldest church in Kauai, also where our friends were married about...

Kilauea Lighthouse...what a postcard picture.

Just an awesome view of the north shore

One of a hundred rainbows we've seen so far

Hanging out on yet another new favorite beach- Salt Pond Beach- just...


Just before sunset-Salt Pond Beach

More sunset!

Thanks to our friends the roosters we were up by 7:30 and on the road by 9am. Despite crappy rainy weather we headed up north. We starting at Ke'e Beach at the very end of the road then planned to work backwards. There was nowhere to park at the beach--people everywhere (dang tourists) so we did a brief look around then started slowly working our way back. We really wanted some beach time so we found Tunnels Beach known for excellent snorkeling, and as soon as we set up camp it started raining- but we stuck it out! So I read a book and Dan napped on the beach under some umbrellas while it rained off and on. Eventually we did give up, on the beach that is, drove to some really cool caves we were able to explore dryly. Stopped by the oldest church in Kauai for a picture. Our friends Dan and Jackie were married there about 25 years ago so we called and talked to them while we were there. Next we saw the famous Kilauea Lighthouse and bird sanctuary. Red footed boobies and nene's galore all nesting in the surrounding bluffs. Stopped at Bubba's Burgers for late lunch, where they "cheat tourists, drunks and lawyers", before driving back down south in search of sun. Found some briefly at Brennecke's Beach. Just as Dan was going out to boogie board a rainstorm blows in and we give up again! So we found some 4WD action in the coffee fields in search of an ancient heiau (Hawaiian temple) and private beach. Of course we found the gates locked after about a 30min drive-such was our luck today! But alas we were rewarded just in time for sunset when we stumbled upon Salt Pond Beach Park. Perfect place to hang out which is where we plan to stay nearly all day tomorrow! We figure we've now seen most of the island--now it's just time to find the sun!!!

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