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Day 86

It was raining almost all day today, which is apparently quite rare in Reunion. It rained a majority of the day yesterday too. Since we’re here to visit family, it doesn’t really make much difference that we’re stuck in the house most of the day.

Perle asked me this morning if there was anything special I wanted to do. She found it quite funny that I just want to go to the supermarket. It’s been three months since I’ve been grocery shopping and I miss it. The biggest stores in Ft. Dauphin are smaller than any convenience store in the States.

But, of course, grocery stores are closed on Sunday in Reunion. That would drive me absolutely crazy. How is there an entire day of the week that you cannot go to the grocery store?

But what really, really drives me nuts about the French lifestyle is siesta. Every day between noon and two o’clock, everything is closed. You can’t run errands on your lunch break!! In Madagascar, siesta extends to almost three hours in some cases. How can a store be closed from noon to three every day!?!?! It’s seriously as if the owners don’t want to make money! Of course, since we’ve had no jobs for three months, noon to three is the time of the day when I feel motivated to actually accomplish something. But, it’s impossible.

Of course, I understand that if I were French, this would be acceptable to me. But, as an American, I have to insist that it’s all wrong. Grocery stores should be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And no one should close in the middle of the day to take a nap. We’re all adults, we don’t need naps!!!

So, tomorrow we are going to the grocery store. Of course, we have to wait until the afternoon, because grocery stores are closed Monday morning. Seriously. I can understand the logic behind being closed on Sunday. But, Monday?!?!?!? What is everyone doing on Monday that they cannot open the grocery store?? This is when I must point out again that if the French would work 40 hours a week instead of 35, the world would be a better place. Of course, if someone offered me a 35 hour work week instead of 40, I would certainly accept. So, maybe the French are onto something…maybe…

I cannot dump on the French too much since there is a pile of Frenchies in the family. But I must ask, don’t you want to grocery shop on Sunday, Monday and from noon to two every day???? Of course you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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