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Day 85

Today I found out the answer to a question I’ve had for several years. Gosy was the second twin born, which makes him officially the baby in the family. I had always assumed as much – he smacks of youngest child syndrome. He disagrees…what does he know?!?!?!?

We started the morning with a trip to the market. It was fascinating – most of the crafts sold in the market come directly from Madagascar. So, the market looks like a fancier (and more expensive) version of a Malagasy market. It was kind of confusing. I bought a snack at one stand and spoke to the French guy in Malagasy. It’s easy to get language confused here!!!

My snow job continues in a new country. Everyone has been very complimentary on my “mastery” of the French language. It’s pretty funny – the Malagasy think I speak Malagasy, but I am constantly lost in the conversation. Here I’m often lost in the conversation…but, everyone seems to think I’m doing great. They’re just being kind!!! But, it’s fun to dust off the French and give it a go.

We took a drive this afternoon and saw the beach and the pier. It is a really lovely island. It reminds me of the Caribbean. However, from what I can tell, it is much more expensive here than any of the islands that I’ve visited in the West Indies. The only exception might be Grand Cayman.

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