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This morning I was picked up at 9.30 and transferred to the airport for my flight to San Cristobel in the Galapagos. I was not aware that I was flying so I am not a happy bunny. Still, have to get on with it. The flight was not too long and we were greeted by a cheery guide called Carlos and transferred speedily to the Yacht. When going to the Galapagos you have to have your luggage checked for seeds and bugs before they will accept it on the plane. Having left some of my luggage back at the hotel i discovered I needn't have worried; no one seemed to be interested in weight. Once we got the other side we had to go through immigration and pay 100 dollars entrance to the Park. That was a bit of a surprise. Once on board they boat sailed to our first island and the activities began that afternoon, which was a surprise. We were fed our lunch and then issued snorkels and wetsuits and masks and were taken to the Isla Lobos for some snorkeling. I was rubbish at it; my mask leaked I got sea water down the tube and generally choked and spluttered. I did get to see some fish though and met a single traveller who I shared a dinner table with. As we two were alone the guides joined us so a good night was had by all.

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