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The street we walked every day to school

The past week has been awesome it was hard to say goodbye to new freinds. These past few days we had were probly the best of all.relaxing, spanish school and saying yes to something you couldn´t understand which turns out to be food when your full.(this morning to be exact).the music up here is nice and peaceful but, sometimes the same as back home in Canada.yesterday we went swimming with Roger and he splashed us to death,the fun part was i sat on Rogers shoulders and tay sat on dads and we fought.after we went to the Masaya Market were you saw the most beautiful things. While being there we watched salsa dancing and a fashion show:)we also went to to a museum that had ancient artifacts(some that included reporsenting pregnant women.:p),and went up dos (two)church towers. on thurs. we went on an island tour(Islas De Granada)where we saw monkey island, an island with only monkeys on it. Sadly no monkeys came on the boat but, we did see some:)the last island we visited we got off and had coca cola and went swimming in our clothes.another day we went on a horse carrege and saw diffurent buildings from different we went to spanish lessons and had supper at the school as a farewell party:(today i got a braclet to remind me of Granada. Tomorrow we are going to Isla De Ometepe.the blog may not be updated for a while so now i say missing home and snow a little bit more every day but still having a great time.missing family and freinds.


Hi! Its Taylor Iam writing about Mar 5.Yeterday we went to the pool..It was nice and Fun!We went with Roger Me and dads teacher swimming.Then we went to the Masaya Festival there was Tradicional Nicarauga Danceing it was cool! When we were there we also we went ,to shop at there home made stuff.And we went to there to eat super when we were there.It was good and there was alot of it,we could of got dos plates for all says of us.Witch dos means 2 and says means six.Then we also saw a fashion show it was coll!Then we went back home with a guy named Omar.Then we went into the house and went to our room ,It was a Awsome Day!!!! P.S on Mar. 4 we went on a horse carriage ride we saw the oldest house in granada which is 4 Hundred years old.And we saw the old ,old hospital. And other stuff it was cool and Awsome!!!!!

Bye Taylor

Buenos Noches!

Well we say good bye to Granada, it has been great here. In the early morning we will be catching the chicken bus to rivas where we will catch the ferry to Ometepe Island. Apparently it is beautiful there. It is an island with 2 volcanos on it. Today was our last day of spanish classes , the farewell súper this evening at the school was great . students and teachers have an evening together. The teachers became more than just teachers to us , they are friends. From teaching , to dancing with the girls, to racing with them down the street, or maybe a coffee down the street during class time. They treated us very very well at our spanish school. I seen a funeral go bye the Orphange today while we were visiting the orphans again. The horse pulling the carriage with the coffin on it and all the people walking behind. Everyday here is a new experience waiting to be learned about this country. There is so much to learn and take in in the little bit of time here. But now onto the rest of Nicaragua.

Adios Cynthia

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